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Yumeng is a Bay Area based Filmmaker. Her areas of focus include on set shooting, editing, script development, and shot design. Yumeng comes from an academic film background with seven years of study and practice in China and the United States. Her many years of experience have solidified her solid editing and scriptwriting knowledge.

A good story touches audiences in subtle ways while revealing the messy and complicated parts of the human experience. Film is a truth for Yumeng,  she is passionate about stories that reveal deep humility, with her films reflecting the voice of the protagonist. The Night Shift was made in 2018 during her first year of graduate school, it is the tale of an ordinary female night shift worker telling the story of her extraordinary personal hopes and struggles.


Unlike a lot of film students who have dreamed of filmmaking since childhood, Yumeng fell in love with film when she was in high school after seeing the film In the Mood for Love, directed by Wong Kar-wai. Yumeng spends almost all her spare time researching film and attending screenings. The more she learns, the more she is amazed by how intriguing and sophisticated the art of filmmaking is. In Spring 2020, she graduated top of her class, MFA in Film, from California College of The Arts in San Francisco.

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